Education is the key to positive safety attitudes. Exposure to unacceptable fall hazards in the workplace will continue until workers understand the consequences of a moment's inattention. Falls from heights are infrequent but when unprotected are usually devastating. The ultimate goal of a fall protection program is to provide a solution that workers will embrace and will minimize or eliminate injuries.

A worker who is suspended as a result of a fall and who cannot perform a self rescue can be in serious trouble. Fall arrest harnesses were not designed for prolonged suspension. Also workers who are incapacitated and stranded on work platforms with limited access can be denied treatment by emergency medical services. The worker may need evacuation prior to extensive treatment. Few job sites can afford to have a dedicated rescue team so solutions must be simple and sustainable. On site rescue preplanning is becoming a legislative requirement in most jurisdictions.

The Response Group Inc. can perform on site training or will provide a training facility in Edmonton. All training is founded on practical skills whenever possible. Other training strategies include workbook exercises, Powerpoint Presentations, video analysis and group exercises. Response Group Inc. does not sell equipment and consequently can provide an unbiased viewpoint.